About us

Christ is coming soon ! We eagerly await His return.

LivingGod.net was launched in February of 2021, to serve as an easily approachable platform for Bible knowledge, teaching and fellowship, to help prepare His Bride, the Church for the second coming of Christ and to add souls to the Number, while there is yet time.

LivingGod.net is not affiliated to any domination or church organization, rather we are of one mind with all who follow Christ and live in accordance with His teachings.

The LivingGod Team holds common believes and invites all who share in those believes to share stories, teachings and other content, which is Biblically sound and concerns eternal matters.  If you are interested in joining are growing team of writers, please send us an email: [email protected]

If you want to know more about our commonly held believes, please visit our what we believe page.