Our boast in Christ. If we boast, let us boast in Christ

Paul Baars
Written by: Paul Baars
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Not so long ago, both you and I were enemies. Enemies of all that is Holy and Good, enemies of Him who made us, enemies of God.

We were enemies, because; although God showed us daily, the evidence of His Might and Power and Grandeur through the works of His hands; and showed us his love and forbearance,  in that He did not destroy the world for its wickedness; nor stopped the rain from falling; nor the sun from shining, we did not honor Him as God, nor worshipped Him in fear and trembling.

Rather, we elevated the things of this world. The creation over the Creator, showing our contempt for the most Pure and Holy One.

But God… oh how I love that little phrase: “But God”, for it contains in it the Power and the Sovereignty of the most high in His intervening work, saving sinners, where damnation was assured. 

But God, by the wisdom of His counsel had, before time, declared His Mercy over some and wrote them “righteous !” by the blood of the Lamb who was slain.

You and I, my brother and sister, we are among that number, we are the recipients of such great Mercy, that we would live and have life in abundance, by the Power of God.

But, I hear some say, why would God show Mercy and Grace toward sinners, and enemies at that !?

Ah, but David pondered this very thing. For He was a murderer and a fornicator, stealing the wife of His servant. He was rebuked by the prophet and David repented for his sins. God forgave him and passed over his transgressions, although the Law demanded swift action in the death of the transgressor.

But God passed over his sin… the Righteous Judge of all the earth did not enforce the Law and that with victims of murder, rape and the breaking of marriage in the balance ?

But that would make God unjust, for the guilty should in no way escape judgement !

But God... He did not "let sin be" ! He stepped in, He took the punishment meant for David and laid it upon the One He loved most, His Son Jesus Christ.

His Son, with the Father from eternity, in all celestial majesty and honor, became a man made of clay. He suffered with us and then in place of us, so He could bring lowely sinners back, to His Fathers house.